Fire and Ice Trio


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The Fire and Ice Trio is an ensemble made-up of Viola, Cello, and Piano.  The three members of the trio are as unique as the instrumentation used.  Please feel free to look through our web-site to learn more about Mauricio, Merietta, and Monique.  You may contact any of us individually through a link on each of our pages, or contact the entire trio at:

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Interested in booking the Fire and Ice Trio for a performance?  We are available for parties, weddings, formal engagements, chamber performances, etc...  We are also available to coach trios, quartets, quintets, etc...with and without piano.  Feel free to contact us by clicking here for more information.
Good News!  All three members of the Fire and Ice Trio are also private teachers.  If you, a friend, or your child are interested in lessons, please visit each of our individual pages to learn more about us.  At the end of each page is link to contact us, so simply e-mail us and we will get back to you about our individual lesson policies.  Remember, Mauricio teachers cello; Merietta teaches violin and viola; and Monique teaches piano. 
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